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Turkey Brine

turkey brine

I know it’s not the holidays, but this turkey brine recipe was requested by a reader. And while it’s true that I do already have a roast turkey recipe on the site, and that recipe also has a brine to go along with it, I prefer this one. I obtained it when this past Christmas I […]

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Roast Turkey

  1 10 – 20 pound turkey (you’ll need about 1 pound per person) $25.99 1 cup butter $0.89 1 cup coarse salt, plus 1/4 cup $0.50 3 heaping tablespoons black pepper $0.03 1/2 cup sugar $0.10 1 head garlic, divided, cloves peeled and kept whole $0.23 4 bay leaves, divided $0.64 Total Cost    $28.38 […]

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Roast Turkey: Review

This is the way I’ve seen my mom make turkey ever since I was little; and you can put all the glazes and exotic spices that you want on a turkey and I’ll think it’s delicious (because I really love turkey a lot!) But it still won’t be as good as just slathering some butter and salt […]

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