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Mar 10 2011

Vegetarian Lasagna: Review

Whenever I think of vegetarian meals, vegetarian lasagna is always the first thing I think of, it’s such a classic! I made this dish when my mom was down visiting recently and we all loved it! There is no real sauce, just a chunky mix of vegetables that is kept moist with the tomatoes. My mom hates any kind of pasta sauce so I think that was her favourite part of the dish; and Maddie loved that it was loaded with vegetables! (Paige the Carnivore didn’t like that part so much.) This lasagna also freezes beautifully and can be reheated again and again without losing any of its flavour or taste.

I got the recipe from Canadian Living and changed just a couple of things about it. Because there were no nice eggplants at the grocery store when I went, I substituted mushrooms for those and I also substituted cottage cheese for ricotta cheese. I’m glad I did because this was how I found out that when you mix cottage cheese with egg and cook it, it turns into the consistency of ricotta; and info like that is always valuable around the kitchen!

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