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Aug 14 2009

Upside Down Shepherd’s Pie: Review

I actually heard about this recipe while I was grocery shopping one day. The butcher was talking to another customer, whom she obviously knew personally, about this new take she put on shepherd’s pie. She talked about how she put the potatoes on the bottom of the pan and mixed the meat with some gravy. Piqued, I tried it.

I really was just going on that description alone, so I had to sort of make it up as I went along. It is very tasty and the mixture of the meat, potatoes and gravy is quite nice. However, this recipe is a bit more work than traditional shepherd’s pie. So if you’re just looking for a shepherd’s pie that will fill your craving, and you’re not looking for anything too fancy or time-consuming, I would stick to “potatoes on top, meat on the bottom.” After all, traditional shepherd’s pie is quite yummy too!

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