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Apr 23 2011

Twisted Polenta Lasagna: Review

When I first heard of Polenta Lasagna a couple of years ago, this is what I always imagined, layers of delicious fillings piled high on top of polenta rounds. Imagine how shocked I was the first time I actually saw someone make it (on some cooking show or another) and saw that they actually cut their roll of polenta into long strips, and then layered them just as you would traditional lasagna. And then I found out that’s how most people actually make their Polenta Lasagna. So I guess this is one recipe I put a twist on without even realizing it. Personally, I think that this version looks a little more sophisticated and modern too, if you’re going for that artsy presentation look with your food, rather than the delicious-but-sloppy look that I usually end up pulling off.

But, presentation and twists aside, this dish is pretty darned good, and a nice alternative when you want lasagna, but want something a little different too. I have to say, this was my first time trying polenta and I would still choose lasagna noodles over the cornmeal mixture. Polenta just has a texture that’s going to take some getting used to for me. But I did also serve it to my kids and the polenta was actually their favourite part, they weren’t all that interested in the part that I actually cooked!

I would give this dish a thumbs-up, and I probably will end up making it again. And while there are a lot of ingredients, keep in mind that it’s mostly small stuff like seasonings and it’s still pretty cheap too; I got 8 small polenta lasagnas out of my original dish and ate it - a lot – for 2 days afterwards!

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