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Aug 30 2011

Tomato Vegetable Casserole: Review

This dish comes from Giada De Lauretiis, who I’ve just loved ever since I first saw her on Giada at Home. Of course, when I saw the dish was created by her, I had a good feeling about it. The episode this recipe appeared on was titled Dinner Party Delivery so maybe that points to the fact that it’s a good dish to bring along to a dinner party? Or to make while you’re hosting one? Either are good, as are most casseroles, because it can mostly be prepared in advance and then just popped in the oven when it’s time.

Aside from the fact that it’s Giada’s, I love this dish for so many reasons! It’s a casserole, it’s vegetarian, and it’s a side dish – three things that I am always looking for! Not that I abstain from meat but there are a few nights when it’s just me and the girls because hubby needs to work late; and I like to take those opportunities to get some purely veggie meals in. Generally they’re all for it. I did serve this as a side dish the night I made it and I got mixed reviews. Paige doesn’t eat zucchini so she was slightly turned off from the get-go; and veggie-craving Maddie ate it all up, and then asked for more.

And me? I liked it, however it was a bit dry. The next time I make it (and I will make it again) I might make a creme fraiche to drizzle over it just when it comes out of the oven (topped with some capers maybe? Yum!)

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