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Jan 16 2010

Superb Beef Bourguignonne: Review

I really thought this was going to turn out more like beef stew (I don’t know why I thought that with the lack of veggies in the recipe) but it actually turned out more like ragout. Ragout is actually one of my favourite meals so that was alright by me. This one I got out of The New Chatelaine Cookbook by Monda Rosenberg.

The beef in this recipe is some of the most tender stewing beef I have ever eaten. The sauce is also very good, although I didn’t add more wine at the end since there wouldn’t be enough time for the alcohol to cook off for the kids. But I could still taste the wine in the dish and that was delicious. I didn’t however use the sherry or cognac so that whole flambe thing was just lost on me. I might give it a go next time I try this recipe. And I will certainly try it again! This dish was DEEE-LISH!

After eating, this dish will also stay very nicely in the fridge for a couple of days, as long as you keep it covered, and it also freezes very well.

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