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Oct 30 2011

Sue’s Super Easy Halloween Candy Corn Fudge: Review

Did you know that there’s a whole group of people in the world that hate candy corn? I’d never heard of such a thing, until I found out it was National Candy Corn Day and started scouring the Internet looking for a candy corn recipe. And I hate to tell you, but if you’re one of the few (and I’m assuming it can only be a handful of people that hate candy corn) you’re not going to like this recipe that I got from the Food Network UK.

It does have candy corn right in it, so yes, it does actually taste like the candy. I recommend using actual miniature marshmallows, as I used large ones, and it did seem to skew the measurements. I did my best to try and make sure that I still had three cups, but I definitely didn’t have enough liquid in this recipe to sop up all that icing sugar – even though it is only half a cup. I think it was user’s error on that one though. The recipe also calls to use for as much as or little candy corn as you like so if you just want the fudge without the candy flavour, I would just make it and use candy corn as a decoration on top.

This fudge is really good, even if I messed it up a tiny bit. I had no faith that this would turn out to be a fudge-like consistency because it doesn’t call for any actual chocolate. But, it’s texture is more like fudge than many other types of fudge I’ve had in the past – and they were yummy! Of course, the kiddies adored it – I had no trouble there on this one!

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