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Jul 02 2011

Strawberry Pavlova: Review

Strawberry pavlova is traditionally served on only one large meringue round, with the whipped cream and the strawberries piled on top. People have been serving it for years all broken up like this (I’m guessing because it’s much easier to serve,) but it was my sister who told me that this dish goes by yet another name – Eton Mess. And that dish has a very interesting, and a very royal, story.

When Prince William attended Eton College, they too served Strawberry Pavlova all the time on campus. One day, the staff dropped the dish, breaking it into a zillion pieces. Let’s hope they didn’t drop it on the floor, as they still served it the way it was (after all, it takes at least 3 hours to put this dish together and I’m sure they didn’t have that kind of time.) The dessert was more popular than it had ever been in the past, and so the staff continued to serve it – just under the new name, ‘Eton Mess.’

Although this dessert didn’t make it onto the Royal Luncheon menu the day of the Royal Wedding, it is one of Prince William’s favourite desserts. And even without that coup, it’s one of mine too!

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  2. Zaiyaon 26 Jul 2011 at 5:39 am

    It’s wodnerful to have you on our side, haha!

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