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Nov 13 2010

Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce: Review

Steak is hands down my favourite thing to eat. So I don’t usually like to mess with it too much, or add too many sauces or things to detract from the steak’s natural flavour. Even marinades and rubs I have a hard time with because I just like steak to taste like steak. But this Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce is definitely an exception and I could eat steak this way every single day.

The recipe comes from Laura Calder. She made it on her show, French Food at Home, and when she was making it she even said she was embarrassed to show us because it was so, so simple. And it really is. It doesn’t even take ten minutes to make and I started my steaks before I started the sauce because I thought that even with the short cooking time of the steaks, the sauce would be finished before they were and I was right. As soon as I put the steaks on the grill I started the sauce and it all came together at the same time at the end.

I do like my meat pretty rare so of course, cook it longer if you like it done a little more than that. And I imagine that the sauce would be that much creamier and yummier with something like half and half cream but all I had was 2% milk and it was delish.

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