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May 17 2011

Split Pea Soup: Review

I ate a lot of pea soup growing up. My grandma made it often and we’d have it for Sunday dinner. And then we’d take home leftovers for our mom to put in our school lunches. Then we’d wait until two weeks later or so, when we’d have pea soup again and the cycle would start all over. We ate a lot of pea soup – and I never liked a bowl I ate. It’s one of the only things my grandma ever cooked that I look back on now and can actually remember dreading supper being served. I didn’t like it, and I didn’t think I ever would.

I probably hadn’t had pea soup in at least fifteen years when I decided to make this recipe. I figured that my grandma’s recipe was really the only one I had ever tried, and I had grown up a little bit, my tastes have matured some – maybe I really do like pea soup now! So I made this recipe with an open mind, and trying to push bad pea soup memories out of it. I sat down with my girls and took one big bite. Turns out, I still hate it. And my girls aren’t really big fans either.

So nope, I don’t like pea soup and nope, I probably never will. But, that doesn’t mean that this recipe is a complete failure. It did taste an awful lot like I remembered pea soup tasting, so I guess you could say it’s a lot like grandma used to make. And those who actually like the soup probably will like this one a lot.

I even added some cooked bacon bits to mine, as my grandma used to put ham in hers (and I didn’t have any), and it didn’t seem to help. It might taste better with ham, but I’m very doubtful at this point. Cooking Nook, where I retrieved the recipe from, also suggests adding cooked barley to it after the soup is pureed. I am a big, big barley fan, and I do still have some of this stuff in my freezer (can’t waste it just because we don’t like it.) So I think I’m going to give it one more try with barley. If I don’t like it after that, though, that’s it for me and pea soup.

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