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Jun 19 2011

Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts: Review

You really can’t go wrong stuffing chicken breasts. Any kind of stuffing brings so much flavour and moisture to the chicken that it’s always guaranteed to be a good meal, and this one was too! Very yummy with the spinach and mushrooms, and the celery gave it a nice little crunch too. I didn’t close mine up with egg-wash or toothpicks, but they were crammed so tightly into the pan that I knew they wouldn’t open. If you’re worried that your filling will run out of yours though, just stick a toothpick in the centre, making sure that it goes through both sides of the chicken. Or if you don’t want to use toothpicks, you can also wash each side of the chicken with egg (lightly beaten) and then gently press them together. Either way, make sure you don’t lose any of that precious filling – it’s the best part!

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