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Sep 06 2009

Spinach Lemon Pasta: Review

One of the best things that I love about this recipe is that I made it myself! This creation came from me being at the grocery store one day and grabbing whatever caught my eye for dinner that night. I started with the lemons, add the pasta, and it took its own course from there. But you don’t have to be in the grocery store to think of this meal. Another thing I love about it is that it includes ingredients that really are on-hand most of the time. Add in that it’s a meal for 4 for under $10.00 and it really can’t be beat! Oh, and did I mention, it’s absolutely delicious? Just the right amount of zing from the lemon, the freshness of the spinach and mushrooms, and that smoky bacon flavour that everyone loves!

My girls liked it because it was pasta, which is usually a hit, and because they could pick all the stuff out of it that they didn’t like. While it may not be a super easy way to get them to eat vegetables, it’s a super easy way to get them to eat dinner at all – which sometimes, is all I ask for! And we lost Brent on this one. I didn’t even try it on him actually. There’s way too much foreign stuff in there for him and we’ve been together long enough for me to know when a meal was only meant for me and the girls to share.

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