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Nov 06 2009

Slow Cooker Pork Roast with Jam: Review

This was a recipe that I had to try after watching Sandi Richard cook it on Fixing Dinner. Mostly what interested me was that it used jam and Coke as main ingredients, which seemed so weird to me I had to try it. Well, the pork is delicious, and it’s probably one of the tenderest pieces of pork you’ll ever cook. But, it’s not without its problems.

The first major problem has to do with the kind of crock pot I have. There is no insert that sits neatly inside the electrical casing. So when I make this, not only do I need to remember to defrost the pork two days in advance to give it time to thaw and marinate, but I also need to put it together in a different bowl only to transfer it to the crock pot. Not the recipe’s fault at all but, an irritant to me every time I cook this meal nonetheless. And I’m not a big fan of things that need more than a few hours to marinate. While I love the steeped flavour, I simply rarely have the time to pull together a meal more than 24 hours before I eat it.

That being said, who doesn’t love a good crock pot meal? This one is tender and yummy and comes with what every good crock pot recipe should – no muss, and no fuss!

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