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Apr 05 2012

Sauerbraten: Review

The first (and only, so far) time I made this, it was when my mom and my parents-in-law were visiting and it was enough to feed all of us, along with a few children sprinkled here and there. I got it from the book my mother-in-law had given me about German cooking and, it having been marinating for a few days when she came by, it was very serendipitous that she was there to share the meal with me. I’m glad she was, because it was delicious and I wouldn’t have been able to describe it to her in words. It’s sour without being sour, well done without being overcooked, and leaves you wanting more even when you can’t eat another bite.

I did nothing different with this recipe, except leave out two ingredients due to the fact that I couldn’t find them: juniper berries and the gingersnap crumbs. I don’t know that I’ve ever even seen juniper berries so they probably won’t make it into the dish the next time I make it, either (and I will be making this one again!) But those gingersnaps I’m going to hunt down or make some the day before because I really missed not having them there – and I’d never eaten it before! My mum-in-law, and a German friend of my mom’s both asked if I used the gingersnap crumbs, so they’ve gotta be important. It is still incredibly good without them and if you have had them with juniper berries, let me know if it’s worth tracking those down, too.

This is one of those dishes that isn’t only easy to make but is fun to make, too. And it’s a great way to take a cheap piece of meat and turn it into a masterpiece.

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