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May 08 2010

Rosemary, Thyme, and Garlic Roasted Chicken: Review

Yes, this recipe is so good that it needed two different pictures – and that’s a first here at Kate’s Cuisine! This  “greatest” chicken recipe comes from many years of trying to perfect the roasted chicken. While I’ve never really made a horrible roasted chicken, I’ve always tried to improve and find ways to make it crisper, juicer, and just better and better. Over that time, I’ve learned a few essentials to roasting a chicken. The herbs and seasonings you can play around with, but it’s these things that make this, and any roasted chicken you make, perfect:

  • Roasted chicken needs to be cooked high and dry. This means crank your oven up (but not too high, don’t want to burn the poor thing); and it means not to put in any additional liquid into the roasting pan like you might with other roasts.
  • Butter is the reason that the skin is the best part of the chicken. Season it beforehand or after, it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure that there’s a lot of it to go around and that you get every inch of that bird. Mmmm, mmmm, delicious!
  • Always rinse and pat your chicken dry. This is important for when you cook most meat but with roast chicken it’s particularly important. Dry meat browns better than wet meat does. And, if your meat is even just a little bit wet, when you place it over the heat, it’s going to steam it, which you don’t want when you’re trying to brown something.

So there ya have it. My collection of quick and easy roasted chicken tips that have culminated to make my perfect roasted chicken.

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