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May 05 2012

Ree’s Chicken Tortilla Soup: Review

Yes, this is Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman’s, very own chicken tortilla soup and I bring it to you on this day – Cinco de Mayo 2012! This recipe is pretty good, although I did find it just a tiny, tiny bit bland. It may be because I left the hot peppers out of it. I know those are pretty much a staple in any chicken tortilla soup, but my little ones have pretty sensitive tummies when it comes to spice so I try to leave it out if I can. I might try adding cilantro or something next time though; something that will still give it a little kick but not so much to turn the kids off.

I do give props to Ree; hers is a website that I love to visit quite often, actually. But I really don’t like the way her recipes are laid out. There are no real measurements and while I understand that over time, you get to know how much you like of what in it, when you’ve never made it before it’s nice to have a ballpark figure to work with. I know, I know, she shows you picture by picture – but sometimes, you can over-think it and forget to leave out actual measurements and that seems to be what’s happened here. It’s also very hard, going by Ree’s recipe, to get everything laid out ahead of time, which is something that I really like to do when I cook.

That being said, I don’t want to sound like I’m trashing Ree, her recipes, or her website. I’ve seen this woman on daytime talk, and I started going to her site when no one even knew who the Pioneer Woman was. I do truly love her and her cooking, and I have no idea how she gets everything done in a day. Try out her soup, or any of the other recipes on her site, and have a very, very happy Cinco de Mayo!

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