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Oct 05 2009

Ragout: Review

This really was one of the first things that I asked my grandma how to make when I moved out of my mom’s house. To this day it’s still my favourite and my brother and I actually fight over who likes it more. And we’re adults. The key to this dish is in the pearl onions, which is also what makes it a little pricey. But, I love them so much that I won’t even make it if we don’t have pearl onions. You can also do tons of stuff with this recipe. Instead of using stewing beef, use leftover roast beef. Or freeze the leftovers, with rice or noodles, in individual Tupperware containers. Makes a great hot lunch on a day when you don’t want to do anything!
I can’t say that I make it as good as my grandma does but this recipe is pretty delicious nonetheless and always reminds me of home!

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