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Jun 05 2012

Prime Rib: Review

So it’s a prime rib recipe; what could be bad? Nothing, if you don’t just treat it like any other rib and make the mistake of just putting it in the oven. So that being said, and everyone agreeing that prime rib is delicious, here are a few facts about this coveted cut of beef:

  • Not just any ol’ rib gets to be called “prime rib.” These ribs have to come from ribs 6-12 on the cow. (No joke!) It’s actually this cut from which the roast gets its name. Unlike many think, it’s not due to any federal standards or grading systems.
  • When buying prime rib, you should look for meat that is very red and vibrant in colour, and that has milky white marbling throughout. That marbling is the beef’s fat. It’s what gives prime rib its flavour, and what you’re paying the big bucks for!
  • Lots of people like to highly recommend buying a meat thermometer specifically for prime rib. I personally think it’s just one more place for all those delicious juices to leak out.
  • Using the ‘jus,’ or the pan drippings, is also popular to make a gravy after mixing in some flour. I think the dripping and juices are liquid gold, and don’t recommend toying with them.
  • “Do not serve prime rib well done. Fry a chicken if you think pink meat is gross.” – Unknown
  • April 27 is National Prime Rib Day.

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