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Oct 28 2009

Pita Chips: Review

I got this recipe from Recipezaar and the first time I made them, it was for Maddie’s 2nd birthday party. Everyone loved them so much, I was afraid that I was going to run out – and I used almost 2 full packages of pitas! They are simply delish! You need to make sure though that when you’re cooking them, you don’t overcook them! I hate it when people say that because it’s such an obvious thing but with these chips, you do have to check them all the time. Just a minute too long in the oven and the entire batch will be ruined! (That’s why I used almost 2 packages of pitas and not 2 whole packages.) I used white pitas but I’m sure whole wheat pitas would be perfect too, and healthier! Use them to serve with hummus, salsa, or your favourite dip!

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