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May 05 2011

Pineapple Beef Chow Mein: Review

Do you know the difference between chow mein and low mein noodles? Many people think it’s the type of noodle you use, but it’s actually the way the noodles are prepared. Generally, chow mein noodles are used for both types of dishes. Chow mein noodles however, are first steamed or boiled before they are added to the skillet to be stir-fried. Low mein noodles on the other hand, are only steamed or boiled before being served.

I created this dish shortly after Brent and I returned from Hawaii, and I was obsessed with putting pineapple into just about anything I could think of. Using typical Chinese ingredients such as ginger and soy sauce is still keeping it fairly Hawaiian, as you see a lot of those influences in Hawaii too (on Oahu at least.) I’m glad I had the inspiration because this dish is very good and the fruit makes it a nice change in stir fry for me.

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