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May 22 2012

Perfectly Glazed Ham: Review

This is a recipe taken from the April 2012 issue of the Food Network Magazine and in it were a bunch of great tips for buying ham, too.

The ham used in this recipe is specifically not country ham because, as the magazine explains, country hams are brined in a dry salt solution, whereas “city” or traditional hams are brined in a saltwater solution. Either should be baked and/or glazed for fuller flavour, but only city ham should be used for this dish, as they’re generally much more moist and this recipe requires a long cooking time.

The magazine also serves as a guide to how much ham you should buy. A full ham can feed 30 or more, so be careful when you’re buying that you don’t get much, much more than you need. Shanks or butts are both great choices but Food Network prefers the shank as the single bone makes it easier to carve. In my grocery store I don’t even think they have hams with bones in them, so carving’s never a problem for me. But bones do give the ham more flavour, and they say that they’re naturally more flavourful, too.

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