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Nov 26 2009

Peach Pie: Review

I’m not only not a huge pie fan but I also am no baker. So the fact that I can make this dish and have it turn out to be done to absolute peach perfection, and be able to say that I’ve found a great recipe, is truly something! The only other pie I’ve made from scratch turned out to be a flop and I really am not a huge fan of pie but I had an overflow of frozen peaches and wanted to do something great with them. And this was truly it! I even did a lattice top but without the proper technique and I don’t even think you can tell all that much. And I also forgot to brush the top with milk before throwing it in the oven. I caught that and pulled it out ten minutes later to do the brushing and it still turned out wonderfully. So, not only is it easy but it’s also pretty fool-proof.

Imagine now that I have conquered peach pie, all the other pies that are out there just waiting for me to make them! Maybe there is some baker in me after all!

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