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Nov 14 2011

Paula’s Brussels Sprouts with Onions and Bacon: Review

Did you know that for the past 33 years, right up until making this recipe, I thought they were called “brussel sprouts”? When I saw that Paula Deen had them listed as “Brussels sprouts” in her recipe, I found it highly interesting – and thought probably (but couldn’t tell for sure) that they were named after Brussels, Germany. I had to find out if my logical hunch was right and after looking it up, I found out that it was! It’s probably not something I should admit to many people; but it just proves once again that there’s so much education to be had in cooking!

Anyways, on with the recipe. This one’s a keeper, but I don’t advise it if you don’t like the taste of Brussels sprouts. I’ve had some sprout recipes in the past where people have told me “they taste nothing like Brussels sprouts,” and they actually don’t. It’s fine for me either way, I love these mini cabbages any way you can cook em! But if you’re one that doesn’t care for them, I’m not gonna lie  and tell you you’ll love these ones – you probably won’t. Even though they do have the magic touch of Paula Deen herself!

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