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Apr 24 2012

Paula’s Baked Spaghetti: Review

I got this recipe from Paula Deen out of the January/February ’12 issue of the Food Network Magazine and shockingly, it was the “Lite” issue. What might not be so surprising is that the recipe was actually the “non-light” version of her son, Bobby Deen’s, baked spaghetti. Because of that, I thought I’d love it (what with all that fat and calories and all,) I didn’t really. I mean, it was okay and definitely not a total bust like some other recipes have been; but for Paula Deen I just expect a little more.

The sauce was pretty bland and while I’m sure I’ll make baked spaghetti again, I’m definitely going to use my own spaghetti sauce which is much more flavourful than this, I must say. Maybe I’ll try out her kid’s version and see if that one tastes any better. I’ll let ya know.

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  1. Andreaon 13 May 2012 at 1:51 am

    . The times I have watched her coiknog instructions, I’ve never heard her mention the moderation she now claims to have always practiced; she pandered to the over-eater and the person who didn’t want to hear about a healthier way to eat. A spokesman standing with her on a TV news appearance argued that people who live in the Arctic regions eat a heavy fat diet and don’t have diabetes. He failed to acknowledge the fact that they eat fish fat very different from butter fat and they don’t consume the high volumes of white flour and sugar that Paula’s coiknog calls for. Therein lies her health problems. I doubt there are many people on this Earth who can eat a steady diet of the foods she prepares and maintain good health.

  2. kateon 13 May 2012 at 9:15 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Andrea. I too, had noticed that now she’s claiming moderation and “never in excess” and that’s a load o’ hooey. What I’ve seen is her talking about how butter helps to smooth the wrinkles in your face, and how everyone could use “a little more love around the middle” with all that cream. She could have done this whole diabetes thing so much better, using it as a chance to show people what happens, and how to get all that good food without all that fat (too bad her son Bobby took that idea before she could have it.) She’s also promised that she’s going to start doing diabetes-friendly dishes. I have yet to see those, too.

    Thanks so much for commenting and for visiting the blog. I hope to see you back here soon!

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