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Oct 30 2009

Parmesan-Crusted Asparagus

This recipe I got from the book Bite Me, by Julie Albert and Lisa Gnat. My mom bought it for me one day when we were out shopping with my girls and something tells me that each and every recipe within it is going to quickly become a favourite!

I made these for Maddie’s second birthday party and honestly, I knew they would be good but I didn’t realize just how heavenly they would be! I hate it when ingredients get lost in a recipe but you can truly taste each and every thing that’s put into these spears! The mayonnaise, the lemon juice, yum! It’s all so very, very good! And who doesn’t love roasted vegetables? Especially when that vegetable is asparagus? Party guests raved about them and even though no one from my family touched them, I may just make these a regular at suppertime!

There were a few things that I did or didn’t do with this recipe but none of them were that far off the mark of the original. The major change that I made was that I didn’t use panko, which are just a Japanese style of bread crumbs. Panko is lighter and crunchier than regular bread crumbs so I can just imagine how divine these would be with it! But even with just my regular homemade bread crumbs, these spears did not disappoint! I also used Parmesan cheese out of the can because really, who can afford to keep fresh Parmesan on hand all the time? And who wants to spend all that time grating it? And even though I wouldn’t have used Kosher salt because I keep forgetting to put it on my grocery list, I didn’t salt them before serving either because…whoops, I forgot! Just goes to show that this is one recipe that you can just about kill and it will still turn out to be delicious, bite after bite!

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