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Aug 13 2010

Now That’s a Burger: Review

There’s little that’s better than a homemade hamburger, especially when you make it out on the grill on a hot summer’s day. And when you’re looking for the perfect burger, there are few that can beat this one. It’s moist, and is pretty much guaranteed to have at least a tiny bit of grease running down your chin. It’s also incredibly tasty, and has some of the best melted cheese that’s wrapped in bacon. What more could you want?

I suppose for it to be a bit cheaper. $25 for 4 burgers isn’t really such a steal, now is it? I guess I was feeling fancy this day. If you want to reduce the cost, you could substitute the cheese for something cheaper like mozzarella or Swiss would be delicious too. With time running out on barbecue season this year, try this one out – it’s sure to be a hit and you can make most of it ahead, if you have a big barbecue or pool party planned.

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