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May 09 2011

North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches: Review

When people rave about North Carolina pulled pork sandwiches, they’re not just talking about any pulled pork, but this particular type of pulled pork that uses a vinegar-based sauce rather than the sloppy tomato-based barbecue sauce that many of us Northerners think of when we think of pulled pork sammys. Personally, I still prefer the tomato-based version, and I do have a recipe for it that I will post shortly.

It’s not only the ingredients in the sauce that set these two different types of sandwiches apart from each other, but also how the sauce is used. I did really like the fact that with the vinegar sauce you can use it as a baste while the pork is in the smoker. But I also found the vinegar taste to be extremely overpowering and really took away from the taste of the pork.

For those who prefer the authentic North Carolina style of pulled pork sandwiches, I do see a certain charm to them. But I think in the future, I’ll only be dipping my picnic roast in ooey-gooey sauce before piling it onto the buns – and the rest of the folks around my dinner table are in agreement with me, making this one an easy call.

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