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Apr 15 2012

Michael’s Ketchup: Review

Generally, I try to bring only good recipes that everyone can appreciate to this site. However, I did start the blog with the intention of letting people know of the good and bad recipes that are out there, and act as a filter for them. So you can be sure when you start on one, the end result’s going to be good. And just so that you don’t get as excited as I did should you come across this recipe for Michael Smith’s ketchup, only to be disappointed shortly after, I bring you this recipe with the request that you never, ever make it.

I love making my own condiments and barbecue sauce so naturally when it was time to give ketchup a whirl, I turned to a chef who usually knows what he’s doing. But boy, did Michael Smith miss the mark with this one. The texture of this turns out to be way too thick for ketchup (even if you like the really thick stuff,) and it tastes far more like barbecue sauce than it does ketchup – and bad barbecue sauce at that.

Jamie Oliver has a ketchup recipe as well that I’ve seen him make, and it looks as though a little bit more time, effort, and ingredients go into his – hopefully making up for a much improved flavour. I’ll give that one a try and let you know how it turns out. It’s gotta be better than this one.

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