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Nov 03 2009

Martha’s Simple Stuffing: Review

I had only made turkey stuffing once before making it this time for Thanksgiving. And that first time I made it, it was a total flop. And the last time I made it, I also got the recipe from Martha Stewart so I was holding my breath every step of the way with this one.

I have to say, when I pulled it out of the oven and taste tested it, it was fantastic! I didn’t think it would be so good because it was simple to pull together, and things that are easy to cook just can’t taste any good, right? I did dry out the bread crumbs and cook the vegetables the day before which made it a bit easier. Next time I will make sure to tear up the bread into much smaller pieces. That’s my bad, Martha specifically said ‘bite size pieces’ and I made them too big. I would also read all the way to the end of the recipe, where it talks about covering the dish with buttered foil before baking. Apparently, I missed that the day I cooked it and can only imagine how delicious that would be!

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