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Nov 24 2011

Martha’s Blackberry Swirl Pound Cake: Review

I’ve talked before about how I always have an abundance of blackberries thanks to my grandmother’s ever-plentiful crops every summer. It’s something for which I’m very thankful. Paige can’t get enough of them, and will eat them frozen right out of the bag (we do have to freeze them due to the amount we have,) and I have grown to have quite a fondness for them myself. Best of all, those bags looking up at me every time I open my freezer are always forcing me to find something new and fun to do with them, such as this pound cake from Martha Stewart.

It’s a Martha recipe, so you know it’s going to be good almost before you make it. However, Martha left out one very big step in this recipe – and that’s to strain the blackberries! I didn’t think to, and it’s not stated in the recipe. What was left was a very, very seedy cake – not something I want in my pound cake. I also found that I didn’t need near the amount of blackberries called for in the recipe. But maybe after straining them, I’d have a lot less to deal with. I’m not sure, but I’m definitely straining next time.

I do also wish she had mentioned not to overwork the blackberry puree when you’re swirling it. Mine went from looking very pretty to very homely with just one swirl, and if I had known to be on the lookout for that, I would have been. All in all, a recipe I will be making again (and you can’t beat that price!) – just with those two minor changes!

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