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Nov 04 2009

Martha Cocoa Cake: Review

When I made this cake for Maddie’s second birthday party, I wanted a cake that I made from scratch, because I had already laid out a feast and why stop now, and I wanted something rich and luscious with velvety frosting. I thought this would be perfect because on the Martha Stewart website, it said that it was the easiest buttercream frosting ever. And buttercream was just the thing I was going for. The fact that it used marshmallow cream to get this frosting did sound a bit odd to me but, how are you ever going to find new great things in the kitchen if you don’t branch out to weird sometimes?

I made the cake and I do have to say, it wasn’t the rich, ‘sink your teeth’ into cake that I was hoping for. It’s definitely much more “cocoa” than it is “chocolate” and yes, you can definitely tell a difference. Also, I made the cake the day before the birthday party. Coincidentally, I was also serving Thanksgiving Dinner as part of Maddie’s birthday so there were a lot of dishes to prepare. I made this the day before, iced it and all, and placed it covered in the fridge. In my mad rush around the kitchen the next day, I forgot to take it out until just minutes before the cake was served.

I’m not sure what happened between making it and serving it, and all the refrigeration in between, but something bad happened. The cake became a hard, dense brick that tasted even more like cocoa and even less like chocolate! Several, very accommodating guests, ate all of it while others, like myself, did not touch it. My brother-in-law said that it reminded him of the Passover cake his aunt makes and he loved it! So I guess it wasn’t a total flop. But to me it was. I don’t know what happened but this cake was not good.

I think even if it had remained the somewhat-airy texture it was before I put it into the fridge, I would not make this cake again. It’s just not that “Oh-So-Chocolatey” taste that I know my family looks for in their cakes and it was just too much trouble for the result.

So disappointing. If you have better luck with it, let me know!

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