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Feb 03 2012

Mario’s Spicy Chicken Wings with Alabama White Barbecue Sauce: Review

These are some of Mario Batali’s most famous chicken wings, although I just recently saw him make them for the first time on “The Chew.” I have to admit that when I made them for my family, I did not make the white sauce that actually makes so famous. After watching guests and co-hosts burn their mouths off after eating Mario’s, I decided it would most likely be too hot for my young daughters. And even though hubby likes hot stuff, he doesn’t like any of the things in that sauce. I imagine it would be good and the next time I make them (because I will be making them again,) I might try the sauce – even if I am the only one eating it.

As for the wings, they were very good, although they too were a bit spicy. There’s something about making them on a grill that’s especially fantastic and makes them super moist. If I wasn’t a fan of Mario’s before, he’s won me over just a tiny bit with these wings!

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