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Sep 09 2011

Loose Meat Sliders: Review

Whenever I make ribs I always make a ton because everyone in my family loves them. But I do still usually have a lot leftover and, while I do like to just reheat and eat them as-is, I’m also always looking for something else I can do with the leftover meat. I hadn’t come across anything really good, until my brother was over for a rib dinner one night. After telling me about the delicious loose meat sandwiches he has after rib night at his house, I had to try it out.

These sliders were made with the leftovers from dinner with my brother that night. And even if I do find another recipe for something to do with leftover rib meat, I’m not going to use it. These are delicious, we all love them just as much (if not more!) the original rib dinner they came from, and they’re super easy. And, did I mention how delicious they are?

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