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Feb 26 2012

Laura’s Milk Pork: Review

I have a big problem with pork roast. I love it! But every time I make it, I seem to dry the heck out of it. It doesn’t seem to matter how I make it. I can cover it, I can sear it first, and I can lower the heat – nothing ever works and I’m always left with a roast that I know could be so much more tender. This milk pork recipe of Laura Calder’s though, solves all those problems. I promise you that when you make this, your pork will come out beautiful and tender, and it’s tasty too!

I have done this pork both with and without leaving the garlic in for several hours and I have to say, it is much better if you can leave the slivers in, even if it’s only for a couple of hours. Other than that, there really are no tips or tricks to this recipe. Just follow it through and wait for your delicious milk pork to hit the table. And, it goes especially well with Laura’s roasted squash – a recipe that’s coming to this site very, very soon (and you will have never thought squash could taste so good!)

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