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Jan 15 2012

Kate’s Roasted Cauliflower: Review

With everyone seeming to get on the healthy bandwagon with the turn of the New Year, I thought I’d jump on for a stop or two and start off the blog for the New Year with a healthy side dish. Side dishes are usually my favourite at the table, any time of the year; and roasted cauliflower really does have a ton of flavour, without a ton of fat or calories. But why is such a healthy dish cooked in lard?

According to Daphne Oz, Dr. Oz’s super health-conscious daughter, lard is one of the healthiest oils you can use to cook in because it has a super high smoking point and so, doesn’t turn into trans fat as quickly as other types of fat do. Lard is actually second only to avocado oil, which is the healthiest of all the cooking fats – but unlike lard, it will cost you a pretty penny.

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