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Mar 08 2010

Kate’s Roast Beef: Review

Roast beef is known as one of the most delicious and decadent dishes you can cook. But really, roasting a cut of beef is one of the easiest dishes you can make! If you get really picky about whether it’s medium, medium-rare, or well done, you could run into issues because roast beefs come in different shapes, sizes, and cuts. But even that isn’t too tricky, you can usually tell just by gently pressing the meat while it’s cooking, or by making a small cut in the beef while it’s cooking (a major no-no by professional chefs I’m sure, but it will do the trick in a pinch.)

There are also thousands of different ways you can cook roast beef. This one just happens to be my favourite because it’s so flavourful. But once you get the hang of roasting beef (or really, just see how easy it is!) then you can also experiment and include flavours that you really love. It’s soooo easy to create your own signature roast beef!

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