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Nov 13 2011

Kate’s Cabaret Pasta: Review

When I think of a cabaret, I think of everything good – good shows, good music, good wine, and of course, great food! That’s why when I created this pasta, full of everything good, I named it ‘Cabaret Pasta.’ And it’s not just all things that I think are good – this one’s a winner all around my table. It’s got enough meat in it to keep the two carnivores of the family happy, and enough veggies for me and Mads that we’re perfectly content to pick out all the colourful bits and keep them for ourselves.

Cheap, easy, and definitely one of the best pastas I’ve ever created, this one’s definitely a keeper!

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  1. Kate's Cabaret Pasta | Kate's Cuisineon 20 Nov 2011 at 10:26 am

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