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Mar 05 2012

Hunter’s Heroes: Review

I actually watched the Guy’s Big Bite episode where Guy had his son, Hunter, on with him making these hoagie sandwiches. The episode was pretty good, and it was cute to watch Dad and Son in the kitchen making dinner together. When I was looking for something to do with my ground beef months later, I came across the recipe online. Being big fans of “meatball subs” (what we call them here in Canada,) I thought this one was pretty fail-proof. I was right, everyone loved them.

They were tasty, but for some reason, I found them to be a lot more work then regular meatball subs. Maybe it’s the sauteing of the vegetables (which I don’t do,) and the meatballs (I usually throw them in the oven.) I’m not sure. But the subs I’ve been making all these years tasted a lot like the ones Hunter made with his dad. And while that’s definitely not a bad thing, mine just don’t take as much work to get there.

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