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Aug 20 2010

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich: Review

Before making hot beef sandwiches this way, I always just made them using any leftover roast beef I have on-hand. I actually keep leftover roast in my freezer for just this reason. But this night, I only had a roast and once I had the idea in my head, it got away from me. I have to say, that while the leftover hot beef sandwiches are good, these are Awesome! They are by far the best hot roast beef sandwiches I have ever had. I’ll still make hot sandwiches from left over roast, and you could probably still use this recipe with cooked meat by just thawing it out and marinating it for a much shorter time; I’d probably give it about fifteen minutes to half an hour. But this is delicious, and it looks nice too!

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