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Jun 04 2012

Hell’s Kitchen Potatoes – Take One: Review

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen, you’ve seen the fluffy little golden potatoes that are served up at the restaurant as sides. Either Gordon Ramsay’s telling one of the newest donkeys that they’ve burned them to (you know what;) or someone’s getting shoved away from the frying pan in which they sit because they’re not applying enough heat to them. Sometimes when you see these side potatoes, they look delicious; sometimes, they don’t. When they do come out of the kitchen looking perfectly, I always want a plate right there and then, and wonder what they do to get those potatoes looking so good.

This was my first attempt at recreating them (yes, I think about them that much.) I have to say, I’m sure the version that comes out of Hell’s Kitchen is much better than mine (when they’re done right), but these ones were still pretty good. They definitely don’t have the ‘fluff’ factor that I so vividly see in the ones on the show though, so there will definitely be a Take Two to these ones. I think I may try mashing them first, and then frying them. Even if those ones don’t work out, they still sound pretty darned good, too!

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