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Nov 25 2009

Garlicly Brown Butter Mashed Potatoes: Review

These are not the garlic mashed potatoes that I made at my own Thanksgiving this year. Those were actually plain old potatoes and garlic. When I made these the other night, I decided I wanted to jazz it up a little and a little quickly turned into a lot. I had some fresh tarragon that my mom gave me on my recent trip home, and that’s where the lemons came from too. And the brown butter trick I learned from Michael Smith when he was making mashed potatoes on his show Chef at Home.

Something about garlic mashed potatoes screams to me that this kind of potato needs to have its skin kept on while serving. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things. I think it’s because I always saw them served that way when I would see “Garlic Mashed Potatoes” as an option on menus and such. So, seeing skins just says to me that I can expect an extra amount of garlic in the potatoes. To be honest, I didn’t care for it. These were so extremely flavourful that having the distinct texture of the skin in there took away from the flavour.

I will definitely make these again. They’re a good and tasty dish and are a good trick when you have 4 Thanksgiving Dinners in 3 days and want to give people a different take on mashed potatoes. But, the next time I make them, I will definitely peel the potatoes first. And if I want people to know that they’re garlic mashed potatoes, I’ll just tell them.

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