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Nov 26 2009

Flaky Pie Crust: Review

I went into this pie crust recipe, which I got from Suite 101, with great trepidation. I had only made pie crust one other time and it turned out to be a complete failure. So, not having had success before, I was unsure as to how it would turn out. Turns out, it was much easier than I thought it would be and the pie crust came out beautifully! It really is everything you think of when you think ‘perfect pie crust.’ It gets soft and gooey on the inside where the fillings rests, and the outside is the perfect combination of flaky and crispy. And just like when I was a kid, you can break off a piece of the crust and see each individual, flaky layer. Beautiful!

I was a little paranoid about touching the shortening so I have to say, I think I covered that part pretty well. I just always, always made sure that my hands were well coated in flour and it seemed to work out well. I did forget that the shortening is supposed to stay in the middle of the flour so that part didn’t happen but it didn’t seem to affect it any. As for the ‘rubbing, circular motion’, I worked my hands almost as though my palms were itchy, reaching out and grabbing a little flour, then a little shortening, and then sort of rubbing that concoction against my palms. Hope that makes sense. I had never done that part before and it really did look like small peas.

I also got 4 – 9″ rounds with this one recipe. I used two for a peach pie and have the other two in my freezer just waiting for me to fill them up with blackberries!

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