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Oct 04 2009

Emeril’s Green Onion Slaw: Review

I made this to accompany Emeril’s Beer Battered Fish the night we had that horrible meal and I’m happy to say, something good came out of all of it – this coleslaw! I’m always looking for new ways to make coleslaw in the hopes that my family will eat it and fall in love with it like I am but I still didn’t have luck with this recipe. The good news is that it’s really easy and really cheap to make so making a whole batch just for myself to eat for three days straight isn’t so horrible.

I also didn’t use fennel but carrots, which the recipe indicates. I also didn’t put the egg into the dressing. Small kids shouldn’t eat raw egg and this recipe turned out great even without it. All the egg usually does is thicken it up anyway so the dressing will just be a bit thinner.

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