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Nov 17 2009

Emeril’s Fried Chicken: Review

I didn’t mess around with this recipe too much but I did use regular canola oil instead of peanut oil for frying. And the chicken was good, it just wasn’t the “mmm, mmm, good” that I was expecting it to be. It was a little more tasteless than I expected it to be, and for this, peanut oil might be a better option. Thankfully, my older daughter loves any chicken that comes attached to a leg bone so, this one went over very well at the kiddie table. And it was good at the adult’s table too, it just wasn’t the KFC that I was looking for (and KFC is a lot easier to get to the table!)

The chicken wasn’t exactly difficult to make, just sort of a pain in the butt. That was partly my fault. I didn’t use a bowl big enough to hold the chicken in the fridge and so, even after I covered it with Saran Wrap, the slightest moving of the bowl would cause buttermilk to slosh down the sides. Pretty gross when you consider that buttermilk has also been encasing raw chicken for several hours. Just remember to use a big, big bowl when it’s marinating time and it shouldn’t be a problem.

I also cooked the chicken in our deep fryer instead of a Dutch oven. I thought it would be easier that way but truthfully, I don’t think it made a difference. I will make it again but next time, I might make the extra effort of using peanut oil and I’ll probably add a few more flavourings myself too. Not Emeril’s best recipe, but definitely a thumbs up!

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