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May 16 2011

Easy Butter Tarts: Review

Butter tarts are very Canadian, and this recipe is too; according to All Recipes it came from Cindy Snetsinger in Brantford, Ontario. I changed this recipe only very slightly, to substitute maple syrup for corn syrup. I beg you, do not use corn syrup. For anything, for any reason. It is vile, vile stuff that will turn your insides to glue and cause all kinds of problems. Corn syrup, unfortunately, is in just about everything we buy, including bread, and so avoiding it completely is probably not possible. But, stay away from prepackaged foods as these are bound to have more HFCS (high fructose corn syrup, the especially bad kind) and always try to substitute it in recipes.

I always substitute HFCS with maple syrup and I’ve never run into a problem so far. This recipe was no different. The tarts were a bit runny, but the recipe said they would be. And I still didn’t find them so runny that they weren’t delicious, or hard to eat. This is a great recipe and I’ll pass it on to many more, I’m sure. Not surprisingly, my girls absolutely loved them – and I loved knowing they were much healthier than the ones I’d buy off the shelf.

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