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Nov 23 2009

Double Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: Review

This recipe was a little trickier to make than it sounds. It’s not hard really, there are just a lot of steps into getting these potatoes done. But, they are definitely worth it! Sweet potato puree in a shell with butter, brown sugar, pecans, and sour cream! Yummo! But they do require some planning. Keep in mind that after you bake the potatoes and scoop them out, they’ll need several minutes to become cool enough that you can touch them. Also, if you don’t have a piping bag, there’s an easy trick that just about everyone knows about. Spoon the filling into a freezer bag and squeeze it until it gets all the way into one corner. Then, snip off a large portion at the very corner of the bag and voila! You have your own piping bag!

I made these potatoes the day before my dinner, up to the point that they were stuffed, topped with pecans, and ready to go in the oven. Then I put them in a Tupperware container in my fridge and put them back into the oven the next day, about 15 minutes before I served dinner. If I were to do that again, I would bring the potatoes up to room temperature first and then throw them in the oven. 15 minutes was definitely not long enough and I ended up heating them in the microwave so that they would be ready at the same time the rest of our supper was.

I got this recipe from Martha, of course. I didn’t chop the pecans that I used and I didn’t use marshmallows. Instead, as you can see from the picture, I lined the pecans the way the marshmallows would be if the recipe were followed. I only left the marshmallows out on account of all the company I was having. It’s tricky to know who’s going to like something like that and we have a few picky eaters amongst us. As it was, only a few of us ventured into the double stuffed sweet potatoes but man, oh man! That only meant there were more for the rest of us! And they were so fantastically good!

Having so many left over really turned out to be great! I wrapped them all up and threw them in my freezer. Now I can pull out a little bit of Thanksgiving any time I want!

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