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Nov 20 2011

Dinner Rolls: Review

I love any bread recipe, but I especially love bread recipes that don’t require bread flour (because I run out of it so quickly whenever I buy it!) I have made this one using bread flour, thinking that would make them even flakier and lighter, but I was wrong – they actually came out worse when I used bread flour instead.

This recipe’s super easy, and the fact that the dough can be made ahead of time and stored for three days is just a bonus to boot! I’ve stored them for as long as 8 hours and as little as 2 hours. I think the dough definitely needs more than a couple of hours in the fridge. I now try to make the dough first thing in the morning the day I’m making them, and then pull them out to form the rolls just before I start cooking supper.

I got this recipe from food.com and they’re right when they say that they’re truly homemade rolls – absolutely scrumptious, everyone around the table loved them!

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