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Jul 30 2011

Creamy Rice Pudding: Review

I’ve been all about second chances lately, going back and trying things I’ve hated my entire life simply because I haven’t tried them in about 20 years so, maybe my tastes have changed. I first tried Split Pea Soup, which wasn’t a big hit and my second attempt was this Creamy Rice Pudding, a recipe I got from Canadian Living.

I did like it, but I think they made a mistake when they dubbed it “Creamy Rice Pudding.” I actually found the lack of creaminess to be the only bad thing about it. Other than that, the flavours were good and I didn’t mind the texture, which I remember being the biggest issue when I tried it way back when. I think up until now I’ve ever only had rice pudding that was pre-made and the flavours in this were definitely better. And I think if I just added a little more milk next time, I might actually find that I like rice pudding!

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