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Sep 08 2011

Country Captain Chicken: Review

I had tried one Country Captain Chicken recipe before this and it was Rachael Ray’s. I didn’t like it and didn’t think I’d ever go back. (Love ya Rach, that just wasn’t your best.) While this is my own recipe, I did get the inspiration for it from watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay where he challenged the Lee brothers to a Country Captain cook-off. Exchanging the 30-minute version for one that takes nearly two hours to make may not seem like such a great thing, but it’s so worth it! I love the thick bacon in it, and from now on will only use that (and not ham) in my Country Captain Chicken. One of the other stars in this dish is the spices; it’s the perfect amount, spicy enough for me and hubby, not so spicy that the kids can’t eat it.

And don’t be scared off of this recipe because it costs over $20 to make. Remember that you’re cooking 12 thighs, plus a whole bunch of veggies so you’re going to have enough food to feed an army. And it freezes well too, just pile the chicken into a dish and spoon the sauce and bacon over top. It’ll keep beautifully and you could even get two more whole meals out of it!

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