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Aug 28 2011

Corn Chowder: Review

A lot of corn chowder recipes have bacon or ham added to them. And even though I love the saltiness of both ingredients, I find that it really takes away from the sweetness of the corn – which is the best thing about this recipe if you ask me! I could probably even do without the potatoes in it, but you do need something else in there that’s a little heavier than just corn and cream.

Other than the great taste of fresh, sweet corn, the thing I liked best about this recipe is the fact that it only takes about half an hour to make. But while I loved it, my girls did not (not even Maddie, the adventurous one!) so I can’t give this one the child-friendly stamp of approval just yet. Maybe offering it a few more times will change that. And if it doesn’t, that just means more corn chowder for me!

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